Soccer boss to run Eastern Cape metro

Announced today on Twitter by ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa, the man who headed the country’s successful World Cup 2010 bid, Danny Jordaan, has been named the mayor of the Port Elizabeth-based Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality.

 Jordaan is from PE, so one hopes that he will have his home town’s interest at heart as he tries to fix what had become a troubled metro municipality. Given the job he did at the helm of the World Cup local organising committee (largely, as there were some issues) it looks entirely possible. Lord knows PE needs it.


Here’s the Rand Daily Mail’s story on the appointment: Soccer boss Danny Jordaan is the new mayor of Port Elizabeth.

More silence, and more apologies

So it seems that I’m in the bad habit of not blogging again. I know…again. This time, though, it was a valid reason: namely a trip to quake-hit Nepal with Gift of the Givers. Before that, it was Kruger Park, also for work.
But now I’m back, and doesn’t look like I’ll be away for a while. In the next few days, look out for: A series of portraits I took in Nepal, Updates on my running and general fitness, and why Super Bru has ruined my life.

First post up tomorrow.



Radio silence


So after promising that I’ll be posting more from this week…I just wanted to let you know (not that it makes that big a difference) that I’m going to be offline for about two weeks. Will be away for work and with limited at best network — basically enough network to allow me to file stories ahead of deadline.

Hope you guys have an excellent two weeks, and I’ll spill all the details when I get back.



See you in two weeks