I hate these “about me” sections. I never know what to write. Should I talk about myself? Or about my blog? I don’t know… I really don’t. I’ll try, though, just for you (yes, feel special).

I’m a youngster – 25 is still young, I know this – living in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The vuvuzela is my favourite instrument. Writing is my passion, but sport comes in close second. I’d love to be a sports writer, but that’s another story for another time.

This blog is dedicated to the random thoughts that go through my mind. Some of them serious, some completely rediculous, some funny, some clever, some satirical, and some downright weird.

Being a journalist, I come across various things that might be of interest. So I’ll put my stories on here, with descriptions of the work that went into them. This is where most of the serious stuff will come from. There will be images, and there will also be the sound clips of any interviews that I happened to record. You know, there’s a lot of information that goes into a story, but not all of it makes the final copy that you see on TV or in print – and here is where you’ll get the views behind the news.

But, generally, this will be a place for my strange and deranged musings. Things that I come across that I feel the need to comment on and poke fun at.

Hey, who knows, maybe some of it will save you life… Maybe. Unlikely. But you never know.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Matthew
    Was just wondering if you came across http://www.durbanite.co.za, a website that was put together as a communication platform between the eThekwini Municipality and the residents. Suffice to say the site was shunned by the Municipality as it creates a platform for transparency and well we all know that the Municipality wants to hide everything.

    I was wondering if i could use some of your relevant content on the site. I will give you the credit for any piece published. Please have a look at the website and let me have your views.


    1. Hi Leon,
      I’d be more than happy for you to use the material from my blog. However, when it comes to posts that came from stories published in the Tribune please attribute to the paper as well as to me. If you want to get hold of me, please email matthew(dot)savides(at)inl(dot)co(dot)za.

  2. Dear Matthew, Derek from the Mzala Nxumalo Centre for the Study of South African Society. We are launching our Centre on Friday. I would like to send an invitation.

  3. Hi Matthew, I’ve just got some questions regarding an article you wrote about Mvezo Village. I tried emailing to the email address you sent to one of the comments, but it sent back an email failure.

    Please can you send me your email address of contact number? Our company wants to create a passion project (film) and I just have a few questions regarding the village that you might be able to help me with… I hope :)

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Linda Steynberg

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