Share your story here…

I like accidents. Not accidents as in 15-dead-in-car-accident (although I did interview someone a few years ago who refused to call those “accidents” because, he argued, there was always someone to blame – hence it wasn’t an “accident” but a “crash” or a “collision”. I’m drifting. Sorry), but accidents in terms of something unplanned or unexpected happening. Like this blog post, for example.

Did you know that when you start a blog post on the WordPress iPhone app that you’re greeted with “Share your story here…”? Isn’t it great? And isn’t that the point? Aren’t we all meant to be telling our stories – or if not our stories, then at least other people’s?

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about storytelling, triggered by my new-found love for Snapchat. I’ve been wondering how to reshape this blog and how to use it to tell stories. I’ve been thinking of how to tell better stories at work (especially in an age of cross-platform storytelling) and online. And here, on a blank page I’ve seen so often, I found an answer: “Share your story here…”

Whatever that story is, tell it. Wherever you are, talk about it. Whatever you do, let people know. Start your story.

I’ve decided to change tack on this blog over the next few weeks. My social media platforms will change, too. It might not be hugely groundbreaking and fundamental, but it’s a change of thinking that looks at storytelling – and even the odd glance at what goes on behind the scenes of the stories I tell in my job as a print reporter. Some of the stories won’t even be mine, but I want to tell you about them anyway.

Change is coming. And so is winter.

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