Footballers have power in their feet — LITERALLY — in Nigeria

A soccer field in Lagos is powered by the players’ kicks, runs and goals. PICTURE: PAVEGEN SYSTEMS

South Africans know far too much about load-shedding. But [and this is cold comfort, I know] Nigerians probably know a lot more about it than we do. So what to do about those all-important nighttime soccer matches in the country’s main city, Lagos, and its population of 17-million? Build a soccer pitch that lights itself up, of course.

“Pavegen collaborated with Shell and Akon to create the first African people-powered football pitch! 100 tiles were installed in Lagos, Nigeria, powering floodlights surrounding the area,” the company that installed the pitch said in a statement.

Previously the company installed a similar pitch in Rio de Janeiro.

pavegen rio
The Rio people-powered pitch. PICTURE: PAVEGEN SYSTEMS

Maybe it’s just a novelty…but what if this technology could be used to power other places? Shopping malls… Pathways between housing developments… Beachfront promenades… Hell, even sidewalks in city centres!

This just fascinates me. It could be a pipe dream. But maybe, just maybe, this could be a way of easing the demand and pressure on our electricity grid.

Read this piece on the Huffington Post about the Nigeria project.


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