Horace who? And why is he using his hair as a scarf? [An unusual title for a post about journalism]

horaceI don’t even know where to start… Firstly, who the hell is this guy?!?! Secondly, why would someone wear glasses that are, literally, smaller than their eyeballs? Thirdly, I never knew mullets were that old! And, lastly, is that neck hair, chest hair, chin hair, or just his mullet being wrapped around the front of his neck to double as a scarf?

We will never know the answers to some of these questions, but I can answer the first one. His name is Horace Greeley. Who? That’s exactly what I thought when my mother this week sent me a quote of his via WhatsApp:

journ quote

If you’ve ever done any form of serious journalism you’ll know exactly what he’s talking about: this job is intensely stressful, doesn’t stop [even, and especially, when you want it to], opens you up to insane levels of criticism and will take over almost every aspect of your life. The lows are very low. And that is how it will “kill you”.

But the highs are extremely high. There is no greater thrill than cracking a big story, revealing information that very few others news, recording history on the move [to (only slightly mis)quote American editor Thomas Griffiths] or writing up that piece that stirs people to action. And that is how it will “keep you alive”.

It’s not always easy to realise just how great this profession is. But it really, really is.

Oh, and back to that weird neck/back/chest/mullet hair scarf guy… It turns out he was an iconic editor in New York in the 1840s onwards. He was also a politician. And he was extremely quotable, it seems. Oh, and I relied on Wikipedia for this info, because even this journo couldn’t be bothered to find the info from elsewhere.


Yeah, this post was deep. Or something.

so deep


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