Paying off

Today, for the first time in a long time, it felt like my diet and training was starting to pay off. I felt lighter, slimmer, fitter. I don’t know if I actually am [weigh-in and measurements are on Monday] but it felt like it.

Inspired by my amazing wife, who’s been on the Weight Watchers thing and dropping kg after kg, I started following a similar eating plan this week. In the weeks before that I’ve stepped up my running [in preparation for the Mandela Day 1/2 Marathon on August 30 — my first ever 1/2 marathon] and been doing Virgin Active’s ‘The Grid’ classes at least four times a week. Diet has also improved significantly, apart from last week when I was on the road doing Mandela Day stories and chatting to Ndaba Mandela.

It seems, finally — and after hitting a plateau since February — that I’m starting to lose weight and size again. And thank goodness for that.


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