The 3-Chord Rock Song – In Praise Of

Another Word For It...

I have an enduring love for the three minute rock song. Or three chord rock song. Either. Both. I suppose I just mean that simple song with a basic melodic structure and a big heart.

Think Tom Petty’s ‘Free Falling’. That sort of song. A little riff, a little hook and a nice backbeat.

That song doesn’t have much (or any) of those in spades, but it works and I will not be dissuaded in this discussion.

I suppose it’s because I have a intuitive love of the blues and these songs are just an extension of that. I think it was Chuck Berry who said that the blues had a child and she called it rock and roll. But he was sweating in the arms of his underage cousin while crossing state lines for immoral purposes at the time, so that might not count. Or was that Jerry Lee…

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