I’m a soothsayer

Yesterday I joked about how sore I was going to be after touch rugby, which followed my first hectic gym session after my battle against man flu. As I type this, I deeply regret those words.

There I was, 53 minutes into a fantastic game of touch rugby, when I felt it happen. I had just had one of the best games I’ve had in a long, long time — I scored several tries, put in some excellent passes, and had covered 2.8km. It was really cool. But, with the teams locked at 4-all in the first-to-five battle for victory, I felt the pain. It was sharp and I knew exactly what had happened.

sore knee

The crunch was the giveaway. As was the immediate swelling. And the pain, of course. My ligaments had been hurt. How badly, I didn’t — and still don’t — know. I’ve had a knee operation on this buggered left knee of mine, and it’s always prone to injuries of various kinds. Normally it’s a week to 10 days and I’m back to 100%, but I’ve also had a few tweaks that have put me on crutches and out of action for 6 weeks. At this stage, I think it’s the former. I’m hoping it is, anyway.

Maybe, however, as my friend Sarah suggested, I need some cement. She might be right.


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