Dear Eskom, Please don’t remove our hope

Dearest Eskom,

I’m not here to moan about load-shedding. I’m really not. The fact that traffic light chaos is commonplace during blackouts, that hotels might be forced to charge more because their petrol-powered generator bills are increasing, and that people are eating takeaways because lights are out at supper time, doesn’t really matter to me. It really doesn’t.

What does matter to me, though, is sport. It matters, dearest Eskom, a lot. Like, a hullava lot. So much that when people say things like “it’s just a game“, I go on a vicious rampage. It’s not just a game, dammit! It’s something I invest my time, effort and, in terms of replica kits and match tickets, money in.

So please — I ask with all my little, sport-loving heart — please don’t load-shed during the Bafana Bafana match tonight.

Soccer in the dark = not as fun as you might think.
Soccer in the dark = not as fun as you might think.

Just in case you didn’t know: the match starts at 8pm, local time. Build-up on SuperSport and, I assume, SABC, starts at 7pm. We can skip the build-up. Apart from Amanda Dlamini (who I shall henceforth describe as Amazing Dlamini), the analysts have been same old, same old. Maybe, dearest Eskom, you could hire Amazing Dlamini to analyse your electricity problems. She’s brilliant. Just a thought…

Anyway, let me remind you again: 8pm.

It’s a big game, dearest Eskom. Shakes Mashaba’s team has been excellent so far, defensive lapses and some iffy goal-keeping aside. We didn’t expect them to have a chance of getting through to the next round. HELL! We didn’t even think they had a chance of qualifying for Afcon. But tonight, they have a chance to go through to the group stages — it’s a slight chance, granted, but a chance nonetheless.

Ja, ne...
Ja, ne…

Dearest Eskom, let me make just one humble request: Please don’t remove our hope.

Lovies, Matt

This post was inspired by a Tweet by East Coast Road sports journalist Andre Bloem.


3 thoughts on “Dear Eskom, Please don’t remove our hope

  1. I am sure that a lot of people would wish for load shedding during the game so that they need not be disappointed in their team once again. For your sake, I will hold thumbs that Eskom does not load shed.

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