New Year; Improved You

New Year; New You.

You hear it every year. I get the principle behind it. I do. But I do not even in the slightest agree with it.

Why? It’s simple.

Unless you are Prince Doucheburg, leader of the Douchepotanians, there isn’t really that much wrong with you. There is no need for a “new” you. And, even if there was, you should find no reason to specifically wait until a new year to make whatever changes you (probably incorrectly) believe you need to make.


So, what then? Do we just continue going about being who we are, as if we are perfect? Of course not. And, besides, if you think you’re perfect then you’re one of these people who really should take the “new you” advice. No. But it is all about improvement.

New Year; Improved You

Everyone can do with improvement. Tweaking, if you will. (Not to be confused with twerking, although…). I want to improve at a number of things this year — things I do, things I am and things I care about.

I will finish my MTech: Journalism this year. I will let my wife know daily just how much she means to me. I will get strong and healthier. I will get my spiritual life back to where it should be.

And these are not “new” things; these are improvements.


4 thoughts on “New Year; Improved You

  1. Probably the most reasonable, safe and sustainable artitude towards New Year I have ever read. Ten bonus points for coining “Doucheputonians”!

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