I got the runs: Week 2 – 19-26 January 2015

The last week has been rough. Today I say goodbye to one of my closest friend’s mom, Tracey, who passed away after a bicycle accident on Monday. She was an incredibly amazing women, with an amazing husband, two great kids and an extended family that feels more and more like a family of my own every time I see them. It was a sad, heavy week.

I needed the week off. Memories of losing my father, of losing Megan’s dad came flooding back. My heart broke for the Lister family daily. Energy levels were low, sleep was hard to come by and memories, thoughts and prayers flooded into and out of the mind.

So this week I took some time off from training and from diet. I ate what I wanted, never stepped foot in gym, run just twice and played my normal touch rugby sessions. It was a much-needed break.

My runs for the week. Two runs and two touch rugby sessions.
My runs for the week. Two runs and two touch rugby sessions.

Monday was tough, not only was it training on the hills around my house, it was also halfway through this run when I was told about the accident. Every step of that run/walk was heavy(hearted) and unfocused. I cared about the family’s pain, not the run. Touch rugby that evening was fun but all over the place. Two of Tracey’s cousins joined in. Decent run out but, again, not great.

Wednesday was touch rugby. Better than Monday. Not as good as last week. But needed, even if just to get the mind on something else for a little while.

Saturday went surprisingly well. After scraping through a sub-30 at the previous weekend’s North Beach Parkrun, I thought I would battle. It was hot, and while the breeze was cooling it was straight into your face on the homeward stretch. Still, I got a 29:40 — which I’ll happily take.

Thing I learnt this week (and most of them aren’t running-related in the least):

  • Grief is the price you pay for love — We don’t feel pain and sadness at the passing of someone we didn’t love and care for. But for those we love…shew…it hurts. It’s a cliche, yes, but it’s also true: tell those you love that you love them. Be there for friends when they’re hurting.

Here’s to a week of heartbreak, followed by a week of healing.



4 thoughts on “I got the runs: Week 2 – 19-26 January 2015

  1. “Grief is the price you pay for love” – 100% – and for too long I have felt it is top high a price to pay. It’s taking weekly therapy to change that default setting for me.
    Condolences on your loss. Death of a loved one is a painful journey to take.

    1. Thanks Dave. It’s always rough and a high price — but as Tracey’s husband said at the memorial yesterday (I paraphrase): If this is the price I have to pay for the love I shared, then I’m happy to pay it. It hurts, but the love is greater than the hurt. Stay strong, brother. Let love win!

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