“Don’t be surprised or frightened…this is trail running.”

Tonight I tackle my first ever trail run and — truth be told — I’m a little bit nervous. It’s a 6km run along the Blue Lagoon in Durban, but it’s not the length or the location (or even the route) that concerns me — I think it’s the unknown that’s getting to me. It’s just in my head. It’s all I can think about.

Will my legs hold out? Will I slip and fall? Will I trip? Will I get eaten by a crocodile, snake, or (thanks to regular trail running friend Michelle) attacked by a hobo?

Yep. This is exactly how I'm feeling about tonight. (via http://endurancebuzz.com/)
Yep. This is exactly how I’m feeling about tonight. (via http://endurancebuzz.com/)

So what did I do? I Googled, of course. Isn’t that what everyone does, all the time, about everything? Of course it is. And what did I stumble on? Something cool, that’s what.

Endurance Buzz is all about trail and endurance running. This particular piece was quirky, and that’s what I liked about it. But it also made a lot of sense to me. Here are some of the things I found:

  • Trail Language

goo-shob = A runner’s attempt to say “good job” to their fellow runner after hours, and hours, and hours of running.

digger = tripped on a rock or root and fell to the loving earth. Usually includes some dirt and blood.

sh*t – Often heard after runner hits a rock or root with their little piggies…for the eighth time.

  • Bib number placement and meditation

Instead of pinning your bib number on your shirt, you will often see the number pinned on the thigh area of the shorts.

What gets real interesting is the number preparation…or number meditation. You will see runners get into this zen-like state as they fold all the sides of their bib so you see only the number. I am amazed at how small some people are able to get their bib.

  • “Tell me about yourself”

A roadie may be used to the focused stare, head forward, hit my splits attitude. In the early miles of a trail run, there will be all kinds of chatter. You may even have someone you don’t know just start talking with you. Don’t be surprised or frightened…this is trail running.

Check out the other tips by clicking here: 17 Tips Every Runner Should Know Before Their First Trail Race.


2 thoughts on ““Don’t be surprised or frightened…this is trail running.”

  1. Loved this article, and the buck in the headlights!!

    I hope you enjoy it… I’ve only done a few but they have been such fun. I end up walking about half of it, (or depending how steep it is, most of it haha) but it is just so awesome to be out there with such a nice bunch of people, enjoying the wonderful place we live in. Might see you at the next one….I’ll be the slow one chatting to everyone and stopping to take pics around every bend. This is a great strategy for when you’re feeling tired by the way, but doesn’t work so well on a night run;)

    Look forward to hearing how it went,

    Best regards, Tezz


    1. Thanks Tezz. Appreciate the commng. And, yes, pls join with for the next one — it’s really great, especially for just R30 (register at roag.co.za).

      It went okay. 46min. Will try take a min or two off it next time for sure!

      Happy running! :)

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