Getting sold on online shopping #MrPriceSport

A shopaholic I am not. And I am certainly no fashionitsa — just ask anyone that sees how I dress and they’ll tell you exactly that. But when the lovely people at Mr Price Sport delivered some goodies a few weeks ago in honour of them launching their online store, I figured I had to try my hand at this whole shopping vibe.

In the end, I spend all some cash on gym shorts and T-shirts. Just in case you were also wondering about online shopping and, like me, you’re a novice, here are my pros and cons.

PRO – Shopping from home. It’s really cool to be able to pop online and get what you want with the click of a button. The convenience is awesome. And then, a little while later, the stuff arrives at your door. That’s pretty cool.

CON – Shopping from home. I’m a weird body shape and, at the moment, I’m in between sizes. What do I mean? Well, I’m a L when it comes to shirts, tracksuits, sweatshirts, etc, but because I have big, solid legs, I’m an XL. The shirts fitted perfectly. But when the shorts arrived, they were a little bit big. The problem is, I don’t know if a L would have been too small — and I don’t know because I couldn’t try them on before I bought them. The lesson: only buy online if you know EXACTLY what size you are.

PRO – Wide selection. Whether it be clothing, accessories, equipment, towels, or whatever else, the Mr Price Sport online store has it. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not you would be able to find something better in the store itself. Also, they run various online specials which you might not be able to get in store.

CON – Delivery. This is probably my biggest problem with the online shopping concept. Firstly, there is a delivery charge — it varies in price depending on how long you want it to take and where you want it delivered to. I had it express delivered to my office. It took three days, but it cost R70. Other options include having it delivered to a store of your choice, but then you have to go to the store anyway, so surely it would have made more sense to have just bought at the store (unless, of course, it was an online special). Secondly, with any delivery, unless you always have someone at home, you have to have it delivered to work. For me this isn’t a problem, but it might present some logistical issues for other shoppers.

VERDICT – I would rather go in store to do my shopping. That said, though, I will log on to the online store regularly just in case there are specials going on that I don’t want to miss. I dig the Mr Price Sport brand and am loyal to it — but I’m just not totally sold on the online shopping vibe.

Disclaimer: Mr Price Sport gave a R500 voucher to various bloggers, myself included, to use to buy online. 

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