It’s a funny country…according to Masood Boomgaard

Ever wondered if Nkandla gets such bad press simply because President Zuma hasn’t marketed it properly? Me neither. But a conversation with friend and stand-up comedian Masood Boomgaard really made me think about this very fact.

What did he say? Basically, he reckons that the whole controversy could be avoided if instead of calling it “Nkandla”, Pres JZ should rather re-brand it and call it… Wait, never mind. I think I’ll rather let Masood tell you.

He’s performing his one-man show at the Bat Centre in Durban this weekend. And he has a special, 2-for-1 offer running for this weekend’s show. For R100 you’ll get entry for two people — and it’ll be worth it. I’ve gone through some of the material with him, and it really is funny.


So if you want to find out why criminals aren’t even safe in South Africa anymore, why foreigners are crossing the borders BACK to their own countries because of SA’s economic meltdown, and why the whole Nkandla debacle could be resolved with simple PR, this weekend’s run of “Funny Country” is where you want to be.

Call 0846641015 to book. 


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