Golf in the time of memes. #longshots

Yesterday morning at 6am I rocked up at Wilson’s Wharf and made my way to a yacht. You see, I’d been invited to play in the Nedbank #longshots challenge.

And “challenge” was certainly the right word given the conditions. Wind and swells made it tough as hell.

Then the full reality of the Nedbank #longshots challenge hit us

We had to hit a target on the beach. Yeah, right…


But it was even more difficult than I thought it would be

Sometimes it takes events like this to realise some important facts, like this one:

It made me realise this harda truth

But it would get worse for me…


But I’d take a broken club over chundering all over the place. Yep. That happened.

Of course, food was provided. But given the swells, only a few of us actually ate
Eventually we lost four men to the swells. Nick, Simon, Andy and Mike were all man down

Some aimed to hit targets. I set my sights far, far lower.

I set myself two goals: don't drown, and...


Oh, yes, of course there was a winner! One of us eventually did it.


Before we started it was suggested that, as soon as possible, somewhat typically, being a bunch of boys, the big guns would come out. Yep, bring out the drivers!


All in all, an excellent morning and great fun. Barry will join Nick French (who got the most votes in the social media competition) at the Valley of the Waves for the final challenge. Good luck boytjies!


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