Reflecting on bronze: The Mr Price Sport Blog Olympics #BlogO13

It was Roman emperor Julius Caesar who famously said: “Veni, Vidi, Got Bronzi.” Okay, maybe not quite. It was me who said that. On Wednesday, I went, I saw and, unlike Julius Caesar, I got conquered. But if there was ever a more enjoyable loss, it was then.

The awesome Moses Mabhida Stadium hosted the inaugural Mr Price Sport Blog Olympics. And what a great day out it was. 24 sport and lifestyle bloggers from around the country competed (some were more competitive than others) against each other in a series of recreational sports which equipment perfectly designed for summers in the sun. From hoolahoops (I sucked) to the Waboba ball (which is epic!), and from hacky sack (I have no co-ords for this) to an obstacle course of death (which I was alright at, surprisingly enough), we were all kept well entertained.


It was really great to meet some of my fellow Durban bloggers, firstly, as well as put some faces to Twitter handles and blogs that I’ve been checking out for a while.

Now for the important thing – who won? Sadly, it wasn’t Team Durban. But, you know us friendly Durbanites, we didn’t want people to travel all the way to our city just to go home sad. So we thought we’d be nice and let the teams for Jozi and the Cape battle it out for top spot. Generous, né.

The victorious Cape team.
The victorious Cape team.

In the end, it was Team Cape that took home the top prize, including some awesome prizes. And it was well deserved, as they pushed Team Joburg hard in every event. Well done, ladies and gents.

I don’t want to single anyone out, but I do feel that Kate Nokwe‘s incredible hoolahoop skills deserve a mention. Not only did she make it look far, far, FAR too effortless, she then sang the National Anthem while still hoolahooping… I’d pay really good money to see Bok players hoolahoop while singing the anthem as the All Blacks do the Haka. Can you imagine how epic that would be! There is nothing more frightening that Bismark doing a hoolahoop. But, sorry, I digress. Well done, Kate.


After the events we were taken up the Sky Car, which has the most spectacular views of Durban imaginable. It really is one of the coolest things to do in Durban. For just R55 an adult, you get taken to the top of the stadium’s arch — 106m high — and get to see the city from a perspective you won’t get from anywhere else. In Durban for the December holidays? Then you really need to check it out.

Charlene (@rainbowgored on Twitter) and Sandile Nene (@SandyNene) in deep discussion before heading up the Sky Car.
Charlene (@rainbowgored on Twitter) and Sandile Nene (@SandyNene) in deep discussion before heading up the Sky Car.

After a shower and a change — which we didn’t do as a team, by the way — we headed first the Suncoast Hotel for some beverages and snacks around the pool, before shooting up to one of my favourite restaurants in Durban, Spiga D’Oro on Florida Road. There, and I’m not sure why, the lovely Kirsty Brisset (aka Patron Princess) and Barry Tuck decided it was a great idea to bring out the Patron and physically force it down my throat… Needless to say — but I’ll say it anyway — it was a really good night night.

Sun Square at the Suncoast Hotel and Towers.
Sun Square at the Suncoast Hotel and Towers.

Thanks to the great people at Uber luxury taxis, I got taken everywhere I needed to go without even a thought of drinking and driving. There is no reason to drink and drive. Ever. So download the Uber app (search “Uber Taxi” in the Google Play Store or Apple iStore) and make use of it. You just pin in your location using GPS and a luxury vehicle will be sent to fetch you. You can also track exactly where your driver is, so you can keep tabs on how long it’ll take to get to you (which means you might just be able to sneak in that extra beverage).

Would I do the Mr Price Sport Blog Olympics again? Absolutely. And if it’s even half as great at the first one, then it’ll be something quite special.

Disclaimer: All food, drinks, games, transport and gifts were provided for free by the organisers of the event. There was no requirement to comment on anything that was provided or on the event itself. All views and thoughts expressed were made by me under no obligation from any of the organisers or sponsors.

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