Mandela remains critical, yet stable: Presidency

When news broke on Sunday of former president Nelson Mandela’s condition worsening, the South African Presidency website crashed. Thus I’ll be posting the statements here for those who can’t log on.

Former President Mandela’s condition remains unchanged

25 June 2013

Former President Nelson Mandela’s condition remains unchanged in hospital and doctors continue to do their best to ensure his recovery, well-being and comfort.

President Zuma thanks the South African public for ongoing support and understanding.

“We must support him and support his family. We must demonstrate our love and appreciation for his leadership during the struggle for liberation and in our first few years of freedom and democracy by living out his legacy and promoting unity, non-racialism, non-sexism and prosperity in our country”, said President Zuma.

Former President Mandela will turn 95 on the 18th of July. “We must all be planning what to do next month in marking our 67 minutes of doing good for humanity as called upon by Madiba to do so, when he launched the International Mandela Day campaign. Let us make it the biggest Mandela Day ever on the 18th of July, focusing on doing good all over the country’’, said President Zuma.

President Zuma also urged that Madiba and his family be accorded the necessary sensitivity, dignity and privacy at this time.


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