#ManaseReport press release

So, if you’re from Durban, you’ve heard about the controversial Manase Report by now. It still hasn’t been released, although you can make a PAIA request to have it released — but good luck with that, it’s an absolute red-tape nightmare.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, here is the .pdf version of the presentation made by COGTA MEC Nomusa Dube in Durban on Tuesday afternoon: PRESS STATEMENT – MANASE REPORT

If that doesn’t work for some reason, click here to get it from the COGTA website.

Below is the DA’s response to what happened on Tuesday. It’s worth noting that they — along with the IFP, Cope, NFP, ACDP and half of the MF (don’t ask why half!) — walked out of the full council meeting because of the “secrecy” and lack of transparency surrounding the report.

Democratic Alliance Ethekwini Statement

Councillor Dean Macpherson
Democratic Alliance Spokesman for Ethics Committee


The Democratic Alliance in Ethekwini has rejected the MEC for COGTA, Nomusa Dube’s claim that 3 councillors implicated in the Manase Report have come before the Ethics Committee and been fined for their illegal business dealings with the municipality.

The comments uttered by the MEC in a press conference held on 4 June 2013 and then on Ukhozi FM last night that these ANC councillors implicated in the Manase Report have been sanctioned displays a surprising lack of knowledge around what progress has been made around the contents of the report.

The truth is that none of the councillors implicated in the report have been brought before the Ethics Committee for the very simple fact that the contents of the Manase Report detailing alleged illicit business dealings by councillors with the municipality has not been released to the committee. It would therefore be logical without the report the committee would not be able to deal with the allegations. This non disclosure of the report comes after the DA has called for its release since February 2012.

Therefore, it is disingenuous and an outright lie that any councillor has been sanctioned as a result of Manase and for as long as the report remains hidden from the public, the Ethics Committee will be unable to take any action against those councillors implicated in the audit report.

It is about time that the MEC fully understands what has and has not been done in terms of the report, stops taking bad advice from her spokesman and immediately releases the report in its entirety to avoid any further cover up.


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