Of Matt and Megan #EngagementWeekend (repost)

Tomorrow is exactly a year since I got engaged, and just one month and one day after I got married. So I decided to repost the story on how I got engaged. Mainly for myself.


As I’m sure you know by now, I got engaged this past weekend. A lot of people have been asking for the details and some pictures, so let me share them with you. First, let me set the scene…

Megan’s bling. We were sitting at the Bhejane Hide.

It was a Friday evening and we were at the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Megan was under the impression that we were there to celebrate her graduation, which was only half-true. After checking in, I suggested that we all go for a drive and catch the sunset (my mom, Megan’s mom and Megan’s sister were with us for the weekend). At this stage, the idea was still to propose at a private game drive I had booked for the next afternoon. But, me being me, I couldn’t wait — and because of people being obvious, including the guy at reception who, while Megan was standing next to me, said, ‘Oh, you’re the guy for the wedding’ — and decided to do it that evening.

Meg and I took a drive to “look for a nice place to take sunset photos” and drove around for about an hour. Murphy’s Law came into full effect and I couldn’t find the right place. This universal law came further into effect when, as we were going to what I thought would’ve been the perfect place, two elephant decided to be in the middle of the road for about 15 minutes. They just stood there as the sun continued to set and it got darker. As wonderful as it was, I just wanted to pop the question!

Eventually, I decided to head back to one of the spots I had seen earlier. Meg got out of the car and was sitting on top of a view-point marker. She was still completely oblivious to what was going on. I took a few pics of her and of the sunset and then, as she looked at the sun going down, I took the ring out of the box and made her turn around.

In my mind I had run through a speech over and over and over for the past few weeks – but I forgot it completely. I said something like, “I’m in the most beautiful place in the world, with the most beautiful girl in the world.” I then got on my knee and asked, “Will you give me the honour of being your husband?” There was a massive smile, but no answer… I waited… And eventually it came.

“Of course”. The two greatest words I think I’ve ever heard. There was hugging and kissing, and even a few happy-tears. And then, we were engaged.

The rest of the weekend was pretty amazing, too, and I’ve attached some of the pictures in the gallery below.


6 thoughts on “Of Matt and Megan #EngagementWeekend (repost)

  1. Hey Matthew what a romantic moment you guys shared together. It sounds beautiful and the pictures breath -taking. Congrats and wish the both of you a happy life together… nice really nice…

  2. What a beautiful story! Congratulations Megan and Matt! Here’s wishing u both everything of the best! Fond love, Poonitha

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