Prez JZ breaks his silence on #Guptagate

Finally, President Jacob Zuma has said something about the Gupta birthday celebration scandal. Essentially, he says the use of his name and of the names of Cabinet members needs to be condemned.

Here’s the full statement, as released by the Office of the President:

23 May 2013

President Jacob Zuma has condemned the practice of using his name and that of Cabinet Ministers to secure privileges or flout government procedures, following the release of the report into the landing of a private plane at the Waterkloof Airforce Base.

The report has found that the name of the President was used to flout procedures and secure privileges.

The President did not speak to or authorise any government official to process or approve the landing of the private plane at Waterkloof, as alleged in the information put before the investigators.

“It is unfortunate that some officials and members of the public would resort to that practice of using and abusing the names of Members of Cabinet in this manner to further their own ends, as alleged. We call for vigilance and urge all our officials who are entrusted with managing state institutions not to succumb to pressure from name-droppers. They should immediately report to their superiors and to law enforcement agencies, anyone who behaves in this manner,” said President Zuma.

President Zuma welcomes the report and urges law enforcement agencies to press ahead with any investigations that would be necessary, arising from the report.


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