Veni, vidi, ego donata stragulum – I came, I saw, I donated a blanket #TBD2013

If there was ever a cause to get behind, this is it: Twitter Blanket Drive.

Whatever your views on Twitter, people who use Twitter, or social media in general, you need to look past it/them and to the excellent work being done by various people for this excellent campaign. Last year, 13 000 blankets were collected across the country and distributed to those in need (through various registered NPOs). This year, the target is 30 000. Let’s make it happen.

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It’s a remarkable story that all started with a tweet. In 2010, Melanie Minnaar (@melanieminnaar) posted: “What if each person on Twitter donated a blanket for the poor.” It’s an amazing thought. A recent report found that there are more than 5 million Twitter users in South Africa. If Melanie’s statement comes true, that’s 5 million people who could get blankets this winter. Imagine the difference that could make to someone’s life. It really is remarkable.

Let’s get it to a smaller, closer-to-home scale. Get yourself and your 10 closest friends to donate – that’s 11 blankets. Get your workplace to donate (in my case, that’s about 10 people – excluding other newspapers and departments in Durban). Get your church to donate – that’s several dozen, if not hundreds, of blankets. Schools. University classes. Neighbourhoods. The potential is massive.

And it’s not that difficult to reach this potential.

So join me and a whole bunch of others who will be donating a blanket or two this year. Go to the Twitter Blanket Drive event in your city on May 25 (I’m working, but will be popping into the Durban one in the early afternoon). Encourage people you know to get involved. Let’s make whatever difference we can.

The official hashtag for the event is #TBD2013 (I’ll be adding #Durban to mine, just for location’s sake). When you donate, post a pic to Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag. You can also Tweet @tbdza so they can check you out.

The main Durban event is at Wakaberry in Durban North from midday on the 25th, but there also also blanket collection boxes at the stored in Kloof, Westville, Florida Road, Umhlanga and Ballito. There are also collection points at The Shark Cage (King’s Park Stadium), Europa on Florida Road, St Clements in Musgrave Road, Hirschs stores in Umhlanga, Ballito, Hillcrest, Umlazi, and PMB. The Spar in Mandini (managed by @Mnix707) is also being used as a collection point. So there really is no excuse not to drop off a blanket!


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