So the verdict is in: I’m healthy #Movember #GetChecked

There is little else worse than the unknown. That anxiety of waiting when you have no idea of what the outcome will be… I’ve had that feeling since Monday, and it’s been awful.

You see, on Monday I went for a medical check-up. It’s part of my Movember initiative to get people to get themselves checked for cancer. Growing a mo is completely pointless unless you’re going to do something about it. Some might choose to raise funds, some might be using it for awareness of male cancers, and some are just being morons and growing it for the hell of it. Me, I chose to try get as many people to get checked out as possible – starting with myself.

So I went to Dr Steenkamp in Durban on Monday. He asked me some questions, checked my blood pressure, heart rate, listened to my breathing and all that usual stuff. Then he took blood. That was the part that made me nervous.

Having lost my dad to cancer, the markers in my blood were kind of crucial. If they showed too high or too low, then that’s indicative of a problem. Given what my dad went through, I’m absolutely terrified of getting cancer. I don’t want to go through what he did; and I don’t want my family to go through it either.

The results came back today.

I’m all clean and healthy, and no problems at all. The relief is amazing. But there is one catch, as you can see from the message he sent me via email:

I’m pleased to report that your blood results look very good, with negative GIT tumor markers. The slight elevation in GGT is very non-specific, and quite minor. It may be a good idea to limit alcohol consumption (if relevant) and avoid taking paracetamol in large quantities.

Yeah, doc, it is actually relevant. Quite so. So that’s my challenge, to keep my alcohol intake down. And it’s a challenge I intend on taking very seriously. Will I stop drinking entirely? No. But I’ll certainly keep to very small amounts.


Well, that’s the story of my check-up. I really do encourage you to go for one if you haven’t. It’s such great peace of mind to know you’re fine. And in the event that there is a problem, it’s so much better to know as soon as possible and get it sorted out.

If you want to join mine and my brother’s Movember team, click here. You can donate if you’d like (and we would like you to) but I’m really interested in getting you to join up and pledge to go for a check-up before the end of the year. Once you’ve done so, just comment on the team and let us know how it went.

Ps. I’m planning a special ‘stache for the 30th. Watch this space!


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