And the appointment has been made. #GetChecked #Movember

My palms got sweaty as I picked up the phone and dialled the 10 numbers. My heart started racing and my hands felt shakey. And all this for a doctor’s appointment. That’s right, I’m going for my cancer check-up.

The booking’s been made. It’s on Monday at 8.30am. I’m nervous – not because there’s anything wrong (I feel healthier than I’ve felt for years!) but because it’s a big step. You see, my dad died of cancer and so did one of his brothers. My cousin died of leukemia. Cancer checks are scary things for me. But I know it needs to be done.

As part of Movember, my brother and I have decided to team up and get people to join our cause. That cause is not to raise money — although that would be really awesome so that we could pass it on to those in need — but to make sure that people get a cancer check. We want everyone in our Movember team to pledge to get checked out. If you want, you can donate to the cause. If 20 of you join the team and donate R50, we’ll have gotten R1000 to give away. We’re currently just outside the SA top 100 and would like to break into the top and stay there.

Doing ballet Movember style.

But if you do donate, it would mean that would have gone to the doctor and gotten yourself checked out — and that’s far, far more important to me.

You can find my brother, Andrew, on Twitter or on his Movember page. You can also check out his poster at the bottom of this post.

As for me, I’ll keep you guys updated on Monday’s appointment. I still get a little flustered when I think about it. But it needs to be done.



4 thoughts on “And the appointment has been made. #GetChecked #Movember

  1. Kudos. Getting checked for cancer is one of my biggest fears (because both my parents died of it)…and I know I’m not ready yet. But I need to be and I have set myself a date on which I must be ready and make that call. Thank you for inspiring me.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that. It needs to be done. I’m terrified – utterly and completely. But I know it has to be done. If you need or want to chat about it, you know where to find me :) All in it together.

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