Unleash your inner kudu. #MonthlyMustWatch

Unleash your inner kudu. What does that even mean? Other than it being the title of Glen Bo’s new one-man stand-up show, I have absolutely no idea. What I do know is that I like kudus — and I really do like Glen’s off-the-wall brand of comedy. And I also know that you’re going to want to watch the once-off performance on November 28.

“Unleash your inner kudu” is Glen’s latest offering, and if chatting to him about the material is anything to go by, it’s going to be as wonderful as it will be surreal. This is how he describes it in the press release set to me this week:

Stand-up about rock ‘n’ roll, fans of The Cure, midgets, late night bars, loud guitars, London, Durban, rain-crabs, New Years’ Eve fights, Christmas morning punches, ghost-hunting and zombie newsreaders, the laughter of an old man drinking gin, the sound of a woman telling him to go away, cats that look like Hitler, a Clockwork Orange Jedi, break-ups, love-ups and being in the dumps, Joy Division and 365 strange facts in history — which all relate to why one should release your inner Kudu. But really, what the hell does that mean? Come find out.

Glen’s well-travelled, and it shows from the varied nature of his material. Whether he’s in a dingy pub with crazy Japanese in London, being attacked with a boerie roll in Richards Bay, or being attacked by a crab in his lounge, he’s able to make you think you were there when it happened. The way he tells these — and other — stories just appeals to me, and I’m really looking forward to this gig.

Plus, I really want to know what the hell this kudu has to do with anything!

Catch the show on Wednesday, Novemeber 28, at Hai.bo. Tickets are R50 and available from www.strictlytickets.com or you can book through the venue on 031 8234744 or via info@durbancomedy.co.za. You can also find Glen on Twitter @glenboshow.

Disclaimer: Glen is a really close friend. Does that make him any more or less funny? No. But I just thought I’d let you know.

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