Sleek Geek SA: The challenge begins

So, here I am, writing another blog piece about how I want to lose weight and drop a few kg’s. Done it twice, and neither time I stuck to it for very long.

This time, however, it’s going to be different. I’ve already lost 7kg (mostly thanks to Dylan, a personal trainer at Virgin Active – he’s exellent, by the way, if you’re looking for someone) and now have a set target in mind. You see, I’m getting married in April and my goal is to look great in a suit. Yeah, it’s vanity, but so be it.

Today I signed up for SleekGeek SA (@sleekgeeksa on Twitter) and decided to be accountable to people and have somewhere to track my progress. Haven’t yet taken the photos, but I will – and I will post them here, whether you guys want to see them or not.

This blog is where I’m going to hold myself accountable. And this is how I’m going to do it:

  • I will post weekly update pictures;
  • I will post weekly weight-loss updates;
  • I will post monthly measurement updates;
  • I will post my daily diet (every evening if I can); and
  • I will post my daily training routine.

I had planned to start on Tuesday, but flu means that’s not going to be possible. I will, however, start eating healthily right now, and then get into gym on Thursday (or as close to it as possible).

So, I guess that’s it. I hope I can finally get it right this time. After all, my wedding photos depend on it.


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