Of comedy, cars and cardboard boats

“Matt, I need smokes.” It was an odd thing for e.tv journalist Dasen to say as he always has cigarettes on him. As it turns out, his almost-full box of cancer sticks were stolen at the Durban International Boat Show. That’s what happens when the entire Bluff population descends on one place, I guess…

(For any non-Durbanites reading this, the Bluff is like Brakpan, but with an ocean.)

We had popped to the boat show to get some colour for our respective media organisations. And it was actually a really good few hours out. The event attracted 5000 people, even though it was overcast and drizzling. Just goes to show much much Bluff people like boats.


There was a cardboard boat race, which was awesome. I’m so entering next year. As the name would suggest, you make a boat out of cardboard (oh, and some duct tape) and have to race it, with one team member at the helm. That’s what the lightie above did. It really was a lot of fun and, because I’m not a boat person in the least, a nice break from all the stands with boating-related products and paraphernalia. If that is your thing, though, this is an event you need to go to.

Here are some more pics:



The boat show was the weekend after the Top Gear Festival. Truth be told, I wasn’t interested in the least. But when some tickets became available, I took my fiancée, Megan, along and thought I’d check it out. And, wow, was I proven wrong. What an incredible show!


The street circuit was very cool, even though I’m not all that into cars. Yeah, I appreciate them and am impressed with the engineering behind the top super cars, but I’m certainly not going to do my nut and drool over them. Well, there was one car that I did drool over: Mustang. Beautiful.


The actual stadium show was brilliant. The luxury suite tickets we had certainly didn’t make it any worse… May, Clarkson and Hammond were superb, the games were fun and entertaining, and the cars were spectacular. But it was the stunt drivers that quite simply owned the show. Led by Paul Swift (apparently that is his real name), they did some of the most amazing and intricate maneuvers that cars probably should never be able to do. As Megan said, “How do you find out you’re good at this stuff?” I reckon you realise it the first time you steal you dad’s car…

The Moses Mabhida Stadium deserves a mention, too. What a stunning arena.


Last, but most certainly not least, I got to check out the preview of Gareth Woods’ one-man show “Who The **** Is Gareth Woods?” before he heads off to the National Arts Fest (and before he moves to Cape Town, sadly). What a cool night out, and a really good show, too.


Gareth (@thegarethwoods) is every bit as witty as he is sharp and biting. His songs are outstanding, and I really do like the way he thinks. The very concept of the show — a rags to riches rags tale of a fallen-from-stardom celebrity (or was he even a celebrity at all?) — is in itself quite genius. Yes, being his first solo show, there were some nerves and some teething problems, but those will be ironed out and his show will go on to be hugely successful no matter where he plays.

Check his show out if you can. In the meantime, here are some pics from the show:




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