Who the **** is Gareth Woods?

“Who is Gareth Woods?” you might ask, as you sit behind your desk, sip at your local coffee shop, or as you walk into someone because you were looking at your phone instead of looking where you were going. Some might speculate as to who Gareth Woods is and, more importantly, why he refers to himself in the third person in the title of his one-man show (although “Who the **** am I?” might lead to people thinking it’s a psychology fair and not a comedy show. But I digress.).

But if you’re from Durban, you won’t be asking. You’ll know that Gareth is one of the best comics on the local circuit. Personally, he’s my favourite local comic, as his humour and off-the-wall take on things just appeals to me. The fact that he hosts the pub quiz I do every Wednesday also counts in his favour. Alas, again, I digress. Sorry. Gareth has this unique ability to see things differently, whether it’s pondering the skankiness of teenage girls, growing up in a little dorpie, or marveling questioning why RnB love songs push things a little but too far.


Now, hot on the heels of other Durban comics’s one-man shows (Carvin Goldstone’s “No Swearing”, Neil Green’s “I’m Ill”, ‘Lil Paul’s “A Many Lazy Thing” and, most recently, Jem Atkins’ sublime “The Single Dad”) Gareth is bring his unique sense of humour to The Upstairs at Spiga d’Oro in a few weeks. If there was ever a show worth checking out, this is it.

Tickets are R60 and are available from the venue. The show also features guest appearances from Atkins and Dusty Rich. The show is on June 14 & 15, starting 8pm. Don’t miss this.


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