Statements on the Jessica Leandra saga


Below in the FHM statement on the racist tweet by Jessica Leandra. Apart from losing at leas one of her sponsors, she’s now been stripped of the title she won with the publication.

The DA has also added their voice to the saga, so I’ve added their comment.

As more statements come through, I will tag them on to this post. All statements will be unedited.



Popular men’s magazine, FHM, expressed that the title was appalled by FHM Modelbook 2011 winner, Jessica Leandra Dos Santos’, racist tweet on 3 May 2012.

Says Brendan Cooper, editor of FHM: “We are appalled by Jessica’s tweet and would like to formally announce that she has been stripped of her title as winner of the FHM Modelbook 2011 competition with immediate effect.”

Cooper adds that it is important to FHM that it is known that she in no way represents the magazine. “She was merely the winner of an online poll we ran. We totally distance ourselves from her blatantly racist comments. We’ve removed all pictures of her from our website and will have nothing to do with her in future,” he says.

In conclusion, Cooper states: “FHM is a proudly South African magazine and says ‘NO’ to racism”.


DA condemns Jessica Leeandra’s racist tweets

Democratic Alliance press statement by Mmusi Maimane, DA National Spokesperson

The Democratic Alliance (DA) condemns the racist tweets by model Jessica Leandra in the strongest possible terms.

Whenever a person – especially a ‘celebrity’ – utters the ‘k-word’ or another racial epithet they take us further away from the values of reconciliation espoused by the great Nelson Mandela. Racism of this kind can never be justified whatever the circumstances.

It is time that every South African understood the pain that colonialism and apartheid caused. Jessica Leandra’s dehumanising language – so carelessly uttered and then retracted – re-opens deep wounds that are far from healed.

A complaint against Ms Leandra has reportedly already been laid with the Human Rights Commission (HRC). The DA fully supports this complaint and hopes that the HRC will promptly act on it.

We are encouraged by the overwhelming rejection of her comments on Twitter by South Africans of all races. Together, we can beat the evil of racism in our society and achieve real and lasting reconciliation.


One thought on “Statements on the Jessica Leandra saga

  1. Shared to my Facebook Page thanks Matthew. As I said – what goes on Twitter, does not stay on Twitter. Think before you Tweet.

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