POLICE: Dangerous suspects on the run after escape

Just got this in from SA Police media team. Apparently three dangerous suspects are on the run after escaping from a magistrate’s court in the Eastern Cape. The warning is specific to the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal — and specifically to the border between the provinces.


A high safety alert has been issued to all Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Police stations along Eastern Cape border. This follows an escape incident which took place at Flagstaff Magistrates Court earlier today.

It is alleged that at about 11:30 this morning, four (4) dangerous suspects appearing in Flagstaff Magistrates Court for four (4) counts of hijacking and murder shot at the police officer (Investigating Officer), while being fetched from court holding cells. They managed to escape from the holding cells. Outside the court, they shot at another police officer who was on normal patrol duties, and took his service firearm. They hijacked two (2) vehicles and fled the scene.

The police were alerted and started chasing after the suspects. Shooting ensued between the suspects and police and one (1) suspect was fatally injured and three (3) are still on the run. Both SAPS members are in a serious condition in hospital. A 66-year-old bystander was also shot on the leg.

The names of the suspects are;

  • Xolani Gubevu Maduna from Mlazi, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Thembile Nontenja from Bizana, Eastern Cape
  • Anele Nontenja from Bizana, Eastern Cape

The deceased is Mxolisi Zangwa from Bizana, Eastern Cape .

“We are pulling all resources to search for these suspects and I have ordered that seasoned investigators conduct the investigation, as to how the suspects managed to obtain a firearm inside the court building. Community members are also urged to assist with any information which might lead to the re-arrest of these suspects, but are warned not to try to arrest them as they are extremely dangerous”, said Acting Provincial Commissioner, Major Gen Zamuthonga Mki today.


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