Of Paris and pharmacies

Warning: this post contains excessive use of the word “beautiful”.


It's pretty obvious what this is...

Parisians are sick.

They must be, judging by the amount of pharmacies littered across the beautiful (and it truly is beautiful) French city. There is a pharmacy on just about every street – and they’ve got massive green lights and signage all over the place. It’s like a rave, but for sick people.


The first view of France as we came in on the Eurostar train thing.

I think I know why, though… You see, the French, and Parisians in particular, are known for their sexual prowess. Maybe – and I’m totally onto something here – all the pharmacies are to deal with the various STDs given by the French. That would explain it.


Me and le'mother

My theory makes even more sense when you consider that it really is easy to fall in love (and in lust) in Paris. The lauguage is such that your ears feel they’re being tenderly caressed. The only people who aren’t stylish are the tourists. Whether in daylight or at night, the architecture is phenomenally beautiful. It’s a romantic city if there ever was one. And because of all this, STDs are pretty much inevitable. That’s why there are so many pharmacies. Trust me, I’m a journalist.



But back to Paris…

We really just got a glimpse of the city; only scratched the surface, so to speak. Lunch was wine and French cuisine (stereotypical, I know, but it had to be done) before we hopped on an open-topped tour bus and saw a few buildings. We’ll have a proper look over the next two days. But even that tiny glimpse was enough to know what all the fuss is about.


For €7 (about R90 at the rate I bought at) we went to the roof of “the only skyscraper in Paris”, 210m in the air. For comparison, that’s twice the 106m Moses Mabhida Stadium arch. Basically, it’s damn high. The 360° views are spectacular.

Below are some pics from when my sister and I walked around looking for food and drink. And on that note, I’m out of here.





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