Dumbest statement of the year? I think so.

Saving the environment is cool. Chicks dig it.

I’d really like to see a political awards show. You know, like the Grammy’s, just without Bruno Mars (and therefore, automatically, much cooler). Think about it. It would be epic.

If these awards did exist, there would have to be the Idiot of the Year category. And, without doubt, the ANC Youth League would win it with their mind-bendingly idiotic tribute to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Now we all know that the Youth League is delusional at best, but this just took it to a whole new level. I would say why, but I think you can read it and work it out for yourself.

Here’s the statement, obtained from the PoliticsWeb site this morning. It’s unedited by me.

The ANCYL’s tribute to Kim Jong Il

Abner Mosaase

22 December 2011

League praises late North Korean leader for his many achievements


Office of the Secretary General


The ANC Youth League wishes to send its heartfelt condolences on the passing away of the Great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. As we remember this revolutionary we call upon the Korean people to forge ahead with the struggle to reunify their country, to free it completely of a legacy of Colonialism left to its people by imperialists represented by theUnited States of America.

May the undying spirit of Comrade Kim Jong Il continue to inspire the Korean people to defend the Songhun, the idea that it is possible for the people of Korea, Asia and the world to live well alongside each other in an egalitarian society, free from poverty, joblessness, hatred of each other and the oppression of one country by another.

As we will be proceeding to lay to rest Comrade Kim Jong Il, we remain vigilant of the problems facing the Workers Party of Korea and the Kim Il Sung socialist youth, this include the threat of imperialist aggression in the Korean peninsula, and the continued misleading propaganda of the Bak puppet regime and Western imperialism, to suggest that the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is responsible for the destruction and disruption of the Korean Republic.

As revolutionaries we know that the government of Korea republic will destroy itself, and at that point the unity of the Korean people will prevail, under the capable leadership of the Workers Party of Korea and its Youth League the Kim ill sung Socialist youth, and the spirit that is carried in Mount Paektu will rejoice at this victorious moment. We say so because, we know that the creation of theKoreanRepublicorSouth Koreais not desired outcome of the people ofKorea, but the creation of imperialism, hence its borders are still guarded by theUSmilitary. In his words the dearly departed comrade Kim Jong ill “Overall relations between the North and the South have developed in favour of national reconciliation unity and reunification”.

In commemorating this Great Leader we sent warnings to traitors of the people, led by Lee Myung Bak, who deliberately sunk his Cheonoan war ship and blamed it on the government of the Democratic People’srepublicofKorea, to desist from an unsustainable offensive against the North of Korea and the Korean peninsula in general. His continued assault on the image of the DPRK in collaboration with theUnited Stateswill not continue unabated. In this regard we support the just cause of the Korean people to defend themselves, using whatever means at their disposal, to continue struggling for a just and equal world order and to defeat Capitalism in all its facets.

On this same breath, we congratulate the many achievements, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, including making sure that democratic centralism is alive and well in the revolution, as we in the ANC also use it to guide the discipline of our cadres. We recognise that under his stewardship the DPRK managed an economy that saved people from joblessness, homelessness, illiteracy or lack of education thereof, and the varying degrees of poverty.

In technology to save our climate you also excelled, as we saw the successful introduction of an air steriliser, to curb emission and related hazards from the climate, and this shows the effectiveness of the Korean nuclear technology, and this equally shames the Western and Imperialist Propaganda, that the DPRK nuclear programme is aimed at creating war in the world. “Koreais right, do not retreat”. We urge our dear Comrade Kim Jong Un, who will be tasked to lead the Korean revolution moving forward, do so, with memory of history and with distinction.

We are certain that the working people of South Africa, who are struggling to defeat the legacies of Apartheid, who want free, compulsory and quality education, decent housing, shelter, health, clothing, Nationalisation of mines and other key sectors of our economy and all the other basic amenities of life, are with you in your struggle to first unify your country and inspire the freedoms of all in the world under a just and equitable world order. The people ofSouth Africawill not forget the support you gave to us during our struggle against Apartheid.

We say to all the Korean people fighting for peace and justice, Victory is Certain. Amandla, Awethu!!

All Power to the People

Statement issued on behalf of the ANC YL: International Relations Desk by Abner Mosaase: Secretary for International Relations, December 22 2011 (via the Mail & Guardian – see report)

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One thought on “Dumbest statement of the year? I think so.

  1. What planet does the person who wrote this statement come from? It is embarassing to say the least that the ANCYL claims to speak on behalf of the youth of South Africa. I think we need to redifine the term REVOLUTIONARY, I believe it is fast loosing its meaning.

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