An Ode To Sunscreen


Lobsters. These are scary creatures. You don’t want to look like one of these things, trust me.

Much like Joburg-ers in Durban in December, lobsters frolick in the ocean. They enjoy the waves and, I’m pretty sure, use the sea as a toilet. Also much like Joburg-ers, they have a remarkable red skin colour. Lobsters have it because of what I call the “Lady Gaga Syndrome” – they were born that way. Joburg-ers are bright red because of “Justin Bieber Syndrome” – they’re ridiculous.

It’s so easy not to look like a lobster this festive season. All you do is apply vast quantities of sunblock. You’ll be amazed at how it does what it says it will do…

I’m unsure why people would want to go into the blazing sun without protection. *Insert sexual analogy here* It simply doesn’t make sense. No one likes being sunburnt. No one likes looking like a bright red lobster. And, most importantly, no one likes the possibility of getting skin cancer.

So put on sunscreen when you go outside, especially at the beach. As Moses said while God’s people wandered the wilderness, “Thou shalt wear the white cream that blocketh the sun, for this pleaseth God.”


One thought on “An Ode To Sunscreen

  1. I totally agree… No one likes looking like a lobster… Says me that comes from Joburg and got burnt badly in the sun yesterday – no I didn’t put sunblock on and no I don’t want cancer either but sometimes you just get caught up in the ‘heat’ of the moment! :)

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