And so it begins…


It was a dark and stormy night…. Okay, so it wasn’t. It was actually hot and cloudless – and daytime. But whatever the weather or hour, a decision was made. A decicion that was a long time coming.

I decided to lose my flab. And, thus, Operation Thin Man was born. It all started when my colleague and best mate Masood (@masoodbomgaard on Twitter) challanged me to diet while he was fasting for Ramadan – I took up his challenge. The two of us often go out for lunch and since he isn’t able to it makes sense for me to start now. (Also, he’s just lost 20kg, making me the fat friend.)

Therefore, over the next 12 – 16 weeks I will be eating properly, cutting out all alcohol and going to gym every day. It’s going to be tough and I’ve set myself tough goals, but I’m determined to reach them.

The reason why is two-fold: firstly, I want to and, secondly, I’m going overseasin December and will be doing a lot of walking. The fact it’s good for me is an added bonus.

For fear of making you even more bored, let me sum up. I’ll be posting weekly on diet, training, weight and mood – who knows, you might want to it one day…

Fat Matt out.


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