Sardine Run approaching KZN shores – about a week away

Every year there is huge interest around the Sardine Run, which is one of the natural highlights of the year.

The KZN Sharks Board provides regular updates on the progress of the Run, this is the one I received from them this morning:

Wed 15.6.11 – 06h30

Conditions looking promising today with a light north easterly at present.

We undertook a flight to East London yesterday (14.6.2011) good news is saw lots of activity north of  Port St. Johns, and to the south to Umgazana, then some at Coffee Bay and also off East London still very busy down there. The activity still needs to move up to Waterfall Bluff before they come through into KZN.  Water conditions in the Eastern Cape are not at all good with bad water visibility as the rivers coming down causing very dirty water so we could not see the fish, but we did spot predators working the fish,  thousands of dolphin and gannets in the area.  Very little activity at Waterfall Bluff at this stage, so could still be a week away from the KZN coast.

As a precaution we are reducing the  shark safety gear on the lower south coast also in view of the south westerly expected with big swells this weekend. 

 The next flight will be  undertaken sometime next week and an update will be sent through.

 Information for updates available on the Sardine Hotline 083 913 9495.

 Mike Anderson-Reade – Head: Operations – KZN Sharks Board


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