In Memory of Phillip: My photo journey of the World Cup

A month ago today I had my first World Cup hangover. No, it wasn’t the alcohol-related hangover you might expect. It was a oh-no-there’s-not-another-game-in-Durban-for-a-few-days hangover.

The night before I had watched the Germany v Australia match at the maginificent Moses Mabhida Stadium with my girlfriend Megan and was now awaiting the next two teams to play under the arch. As I jones’ed badly for my next fix of World Cup football I ventured to the Fifa Fan Fest on the beach with, among others, my colleagues Masood and Buhle. It was an incredible experience.

This is some kind of a walk-though of my World Cup. I’ll try do it in photo-essay form, but I can’t promise I’ll get it right and see it through to the end. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Megan with our World Cup tickets.

Megan proved her awesomeness and bought our tickets as a present to me. It was the best present ever! I’m a massive sports fan, and this was exactly what I wanted. And, best of all, I got to experience the whole thing with her.

As the clock counted down towards June 11 the excitement began to build. Yep, I know that the opener wasn’t in Durban and we would only get our first game on June 13, but it was exciting nonetheless. Megan watched the opened with her family in Durban North while I watched at the Fan Fest. When Shabalala scored it was the most amazing feeling I’d possibly ever had. Such elation and unity from such a diverse group of people. Incredible.

Then it was the first game in Durban – Australia v Germany. My mom got tickets, some mates had tickets and even my nephew got to watch history happening in Durban. The next few pictures run through that opening game. For the record, Germany won 4 – 0.

Then, of course, there were the fans – and we were, of course (again), among them. The next few pictures are some of the fans we encountered along the way.

And, yes, here are some more fans.

With it being Durban, we have to focus on the Moses Mabhdia Stadium. What a lovely structure it is.

Our office, too, got caught up in the excitement.

It wasn’t just people…

Apparently it wasn’t all good. Yeah, I’m talking about Shakira.

There are so many other photos, but I think that’s enough for now. I’ll have to go a gallery at some point of all of them. Let me leave you with one last picture.

Okay, one more.


One thought on “In Memory of Phillip: My photo journey of the World Cup

  1. Now I feel sad – I did not savour the world cup the way I would’ve liked. New Beach was fantastic though, along with Suncoast – some good times.

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