Of mountains and molehills

Warning: This post contains images of seriously cute and chilled out animals. If you do not like the “aaaawwwww… cute” factor, leave now.

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! There's a tsunami coming to Durban! I'm so excited. And then Nelson Mandela and John Cena are going to die in a mass end-of-the-world earthquake. Best! Day! Ever!

Sometimes people just need to calm the hell down.

In this week alone I’ve had two friends text me asking if there is really going to be a tsunami in Durban, hitting on Thursday at midday. The answer? No, now calm the hell down.

In the same period, I’ve also had a few mates asking me whether or not I think that the earthquakes in Christchurch, Japan and various other places in recent months are signs of the end of the earth. The answer? No, now calm the hell down. Besides, it’ s not 2012 yet, so we’ll be fine. Just have another unfathomly sugary sweet alcohol beverage and sit down. And, just think about it, we’ve survived Rebecca Black, and that alone is proof of man’s ability to live despite overwhelming odds.

Yet again, another friend said to me this week that the world might end on May 21. My thoughts? You guessed it. Calm the hell down. Then my second thought was: Oh, man… That’s going to suck for whoever wins the local government election on May 18. I think I might just vote IFP, because not even they could stuff it up in three days.

If you're ever as tense/excited/buzzed as this dude, you seriously need to calm the hell down.

Sometimes people just need to calm the hell down.

Why is it that society seems to find itself drawn to all sorts of rumours and malicious tales of drama? And I’m not exaggerating, either. In the past three months, Twitter has “killed” Nelson Mandela, Jackie Chan and John Cena. It also “killed” Nandos. These bizarre and downright ridiculous rumours are perfect illustrations of our desire to create drama where there isn’t any and our desire to have excitement where there isn’t any. We create mountains out of molehills. No, wait. That’s a tired cliche… Let’s try again: We create entire mountain ranges out of piles of dust gathering loosely on the pavement.

Are we so scared that our lives will pass us by as endless streams of boredom that we lie about ourselves, that we create events that didn’t happen or that we invent disasters just to keep us on our toes? Surely life isn’t that boring. Surely…

As that rapper guy person dude Fo'Rida said in that one song: "This pug can't even handle me right now." He was right. Be like this little dude more. You'll thank me later.

Sometimes people just need to calm the hell down.

Perspective is the key in all of this. Because, if you think about it, these things that we hype up and invent in our minds are so out of touch with reality that they fail to have any significance. And if you want drama – real drama, not that made-for-TV nonsense we’re spoon fed daily – then it needs to be real and significant. If it’s not, then it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

So, seriously, just calm the hell down. Please. And this dude says it best:


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