Of mice and man-boobs

Okay, so this is not me. But it could be. So let Operation Thin Man begin!

Okay, so this is not me. But it could be. So let Operation Thin Man begin!

I’m officially a statistic – and, no, this is not a good thing. You see, I’m one of the millions of South Africans who is “overweight”. That’s correct: I. Am. Fat.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in this cheese-burger-devouring-large-chip-munching-stuffing-my-face dilemma. According to the Health Systems trust, almost half of South African adults are overweight (http://www.hst.org.za/news/20011204almost). This is just a little bit scary.

Now, I don’t like being fat. No one does, really. I just kind of really like food. No, wait. Let me be specific. I just kind of really like unhealthy food. But this is, well…unhealthy. Being fat is not cool.

Therefore, I’m officially launching “Operation Thin Man”. A project that will track my weight loss and ensure that I stop being a statistic (yes, I get the irony in that I will still be a statistic – just as one of the South Africans who isn’t fat). I’ve tried this before, but got over it. This time, though, I’m doing it for me. Every other time I did it because I felt I should or because someone else suggested I should. Now, I actually WANT to lose weight.

So, here’s the deal.

Each day I’ll record everything I ate and the exercise I did. I shall tabulate this – with my weight – and then post it once a week. That way, there’s public record of when I cock up. It is your job to lambaste me and tell me how useless I’ve been. Deal? Good.

I’m also one of those people who needs a reward. My reward is this: if I lose 12kg in 6 months, then I shall get myself the tattoo I’ve wanted on the inside of my left arm. The guys at I Art Ink (@iartink on Twitter) shall do it for me. If I fail, then I won’t get it. Incentive is key.

So that’s it. I raise my bottle of water in the air, salute you and say, ‘Here’s to happy fat-bashing.’


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