Zuma: Afrikaners need their own Nkandla. Why? Don’t they already have the Bluff?

According to South African head honcho Jacob Zuma in an interview with Beeld newspaper last week, Afrikaners need to find their own Nkandla – a place where they can be free to be, well, Dutchmen. He didn’t use that word, perse, but I know that’s what he was thinking of saying…

Um… Uncle Jacob, this might be a bad suggestion. In fact, this might be the worst idea ever.

Remember the last time the Afrikaans tried to take a place for themselves? That place was called South Africa! And they used a system called Apartheid. Maybe telling Afrikaaners to take a piece of last for themselves might be an unwise move, Brah President. I mean, they already have the Bluff. And Oranje. And Bloemfontein. And Griqualand. And Queensburgh. And Queenstown. All of the Free State. At least 90% of Potchefstroom and probably more of Port Elizabeth.

Oh, wait! I get it. Wow. Jacob Zuma is actually a genius. Wow!

Afrikaners do need their own Nkandla – just to get them away from everywhere else. It’s brilliant. If they have their own little homestead in the middle of nowhere (somewhere around Bethlehem, I would suggest) then we wouldn’t have to deal with them ever again. This is clearly what Comrade Jacob is thinking. The man is a genius.

Oh, yes, I am pleased. This Afrikaans Nkandla thing is brilliant. Next I send in the flying sharks.

Ah, yes, Afrikaans Nkandla. Of course it wouldn’t be called Nkandla because “no one can are even being pronouce these nuwe Zulu names”. It’ll probably be called “Die Plass” or somefinks laak that.

Afrikaans Nkandla, a place where the Dutchman can be free to shoot farm workers because they look like like dogs coming to eat the cattle. It’s a place where they can be free to mate with their own children. Steve Hofmeyr is king, De La Rey is the anthem and any reference to U2 has been outlawed.

Afrikaans Nkandla, where the Bulls are paraded through town at least twice daily. It’s a place where the boere can just chill and not fear being shot in the face by a struggle song. It’s a place where men can for are be wearing khaki shirt wiff very short shorts. Crocs are officially recognised as being “super kool” and mullets are always in fashion. Die Swaart Gevaar are banned, “ANC” is a swear word and where, according to the NG Kerk preacher, “The Boere will rule until Jesus kom terug”.

Ah, yes, Afrikaans Nkandla. It sounds like such a happy place… Great idea, Brah Jacob. Great idea indeed.

So, this is quite clearly me taking the piss. If you’re offended, good!

To read the full article on Zuma’s statement on your PC, click here – if you’re using mobile web, click here.


2 thoughts on “Zuma: Afrikaners need their own Nkandla. Why? Don’t they already have the Bluff?

  1. clearly this is me calling you a racist cock! if you are offended, great. if not i would still like to kick you in the head. its this kind of shit that is killing my country. you think you are some kind of revolutionary? please bru! you are an idiot with a subterainian IQ score. do something useful or shut the fuck up!

    1. If you were to enter into a debate with me on whether or not I am, as you claim, “racist”, then I would be cool with that. But a little rant with nothing to back it up doesn’t really hold much water. Thanks for the comment, though. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and have a view on what I have written. Thank you.

      Incidentally, if I have a substandard IQ, then it’s remarkably impressive that I’m capable of satirical thought, a sense of humour, the ability to laugh at myself and, most remarkably, the ability to use correct punctuation in my writing.

      Again, I thank you. And have a good day.

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