1Time response to African Grey deaths

This is the straight statement from 1Time over the parrot deaths in December. Only changes made include are the taking off the contact numbers at the bottom.

After a horrific incident on 24 December 2010, where 751 African Grey Parrots died onboard a 1time airline flight between O R Tambo International and King Shaka International Airport, 1time airline would like to express its dismay at the incident, and make it clear that the suspected cause of death stated as being by inhalation of noxious gasses or lack of oxygen, is a clear indication that the airline is not responsible for their demise. The Hold in which the birds and a puppy were transported, is pressurised and ventilated with the exact same air as the cabin.  Not only were our passengers all in perfect condition, but the puppy was delivered safely and without harm and we are adamant that there have been undisclosed events leading to the transportation, that needs to be investigated.  It is not possible to have noxious gas exposure in Hold 1.

1time airline is committed to get to the bottom of what caused the death of this consignment of birds, and is cooperating closely with experts at the World Parrot Trust in this regard. “Understanding what happened is important to the airline and its people, as something like this should never happen again. We have put into place a policy to ensure that, in future, no wild animal is transported without prior arrangement or management intervention and we no longer transport livestock en-masse by restricting each consignment to a maximum of four animals. We hope that this move will help prevent trade in wild animals and assist in improving the manner in which animals are packed for transportation in future.” States Rodney James, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

 “From a personal point of view, I would like to make it clear that everyone at 1time is saddened by the loss of these beautiful birds,” continues James. “At no time were our staff given information about the origin or species of the birds and we can assure all that had we known these were adult wild African Grey birds, we would have declined. It was a cargo consignment that was managed by Express Air Services and a consignment over which we had no need to demand more information, other than it was 500kg of live birds.  The paperwork was all in order and acceptable.

As official carrier for the Two Oceans Aquarium, 1time airline is actively involved with the transport of animals destined for relocation in other facilities or rehabilitation into the wild.  We see this as our contribution to the protection of South Africa’s natural resources. The notion that 1time airline has ever been involved or knowingly supported in the trade of any wild animals is offensive and flies in the face of our corporate policy.”  1time fully understands and respects its responsibility towards the country and all its inhabitants.

For nearly 8 years, 1time airline has built its reputation as being a carrier with a conscience. Our reputation for ensuring that all passengers who fly with 1time airline arrive at their destinations safely and comfortably is unblemished and ingrained in our corporate identity.


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