Sanitary towels at a press conference? Only with the ANC Youth League

Sometimes you read things that make you go, “What? Really? No effing way!” I came across one of these today – and I have the joy of sharing it with you this fine evening. Consider it a late Christmas present of laughter.

A press release landed on my desk at 9.57am from the ANC Youth League, titled: “ANCYL PRESS CONFERENCE (Today)”. Below is that email. The only things changed are the names, contact numbers, time and date of the event, which I’ve removed.


The Provincial Executive Members of ANCYL in KZN invites members of the media to a Press Conference which will be addressed by the Provincial Leadership of the ANCYL.

The press conference will be about the following issues:

1. Matric Results

2. Back to school campaign

3. The recent natural disasters in KZN

4. Local Government Campaign

5. Sanitary towels

Sanitary towels? Really? No effing way!

What happened here? Did the ANCYL mistakingly attach an item on the shopping list to their press conference agenda? That’s the only possible thing I can think of… It’s just so unrelated to anything else on that list. It’s bizarre. And, besides, what authority had the ANCYL have to talk about sanitary towels? Just a thought…

Here’s a lesson for all of you interested in PR or media relations: when doing press releases or press invites, please make sure that your agendas are not completely out of context and that you provide a little bit of information on each of the items. It stops you looking idiotic – just ask the ANCYL, they should know.

2 thoughts on “Sanitary towels at a press conference? Only with the ANC Youth League

    1. I think you missed the point of the post… It was to say that PR people need to be a little more specific with their press released and invites to press conferences. In an era where newsrooms are shrinking and reporters are over-worked, being less cryptic would certainly benefit both people. And that is important.

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