But what would the Pope say?

The Pope on condoms. Well, technically, condom on the Pope. Got this from http://brainflower.com

So the Popey-Pope (that’s his gangster name – not really, but it would be awesome if it was) has gone on the record and spoken about condom use, saying that it is permissable – but only in some cases.

This is the first time the Pope – or any Pope for that matter – has spoken about this issue. That got me thinking: what else would I like the Pope to be commenting on? Surely he can talk about things with greater knowledge than most (you know, with that alleged special direct access to God thing he’s got going on).

It seems that VIEW031NEWS (a group of funny people taking a satirical look at the things that make headlines) have had a similar idea. Tomorrow (Friday 26 November) they are launching #JUJUPOPE. In the spirit of #JuJuFriday, #JUJUPOPE gives you a chance to pretend to be the Pope and talk about the use of condoms. You can also be another other historical fiigure – living or dead – and talk about condoms.

You could be Proteas captain Greame Smith and say something like: “My fingers are incrdibly weak. I should wear a condom batting for more protection.” Geddit? Get involved on Twitter by following @view031news or by searching the #JUJUPOPE hashtag.


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