But it’s just not any good…

Somewhere, somehow, something went horribly wrong.

Watching tv last night and the KFC advert for their “Loaded Fries” came on.

Loaded Fries... They might taste "yumulectable" but the advert is retarded

Wow, what a load of horsepooh. You know, the one where the chip decides that it’s “yumulectable” and runs away fearing it’s going to get eaten – and then promptly gets eaten by a burger that jumps out of a bag. Yes, that is the premise of the advert. And, yes, it is as bad as it sounds – in fact, I might not actually be representing how bad it really is…

Just when it surely couldn’t get any worse, the Romans boerewors pizza advert came on. The one with the rediculous blonde chick and that other Dutchman. Yeah, yeah, the advert states itself that it’s meant to be cheesy (like their pizzas, apparently), but it’s just so bad. So bad, actually, that it makes me tense.

Rick... He'll never give you up, let you down or desert you. He's soooo bad, he's good

Don’t get me wrong, I like things that are so bad they, ironically, become good. After all, I happen to think that Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is awesome even thought it’s obvious that it is one of the most shockingly bad songs ever written. MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” is another example, as is “Ice Ice Baby”  by Vanilla Ice.

Buddy... A nicely done advert.

But most adverts on SA television just don’t hit the mark. They are neither ironic, funny or, well, good. There are some exceptions, of course. The Toyota advert with Buddy the talking dog (while it irritates me) is actually  quite good. It’s cute, funny, innovative and, in parts at least, quite witty – and it’s a good being witty, which is awesome. The Old Spice “Smell Like A Man, Man” offering with the dude on a horse is fantastic, too. Oh, and the current Hansa Pilser series is fantastic.

But these are exceptions rather than the rule. Whatever happened the genius that brought us Telkom’s “Molo mhleguwami” advert? Where has that intelligence thought gone? We really need to get it back.

This is what gets to me: I know how much these adverts cost to air, and some MD or CEO somewhere has looked at the crap on offer and said, “Yeah, we’ll spend a million rand on a chip that thinks it is ‘yumulectable’. Go for it.” It’s sad.

I also happen to find these adverst insulting of my intelligence.

Clearly, somewhere, somehow, something went horribly wrong.

Am I completely off the mark? Are our adverts actually any good? Let me know by commenting or emailing me on matthew.savides@gmail.com. You can also give me your list of best and worst adverts, which I shall publish.


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