Prima Donadoni10? Teko Modise has a good ol’ Twitter rant

Pirates and Bafana playmaker Teko Modise has been called a lot of things; classy, talented, arrogant. Maybe one more should be added: prima donna.

An angry Teko Modise on the field... and he was equally ranty on Twitter

Yeah, yeah, prima donna does mean “leading lady” in Italian and Modise isn’t female. Nor is he Italian. But he has chosen an Italianesque Twitter name: Donadoni10. And his rant on the social networking site was full of stereotypical Italian emotion.

“I cnt stand this BS,I wana play!!!!!”

That’s what he posted and, boy, did he get some responses – some in support, some not. One user asked, “Kante why aren’t you playing?” To which he responded: “I think its deeper than football..” Another user asked: “What’s stopping you bra?” His response: “I wish I could tell brah…I don’t knw anymore.”

He took some of it personally. Mine, for example. Here’s how it went.

@matthewsavides: “Is @donadoni10 for real? Complaining when he hasn’t shown real, consistant form for months.”

@donadoni10: “Tel me whoz on form ryt nw?

@matthewsavides: “Honestly, very few players at the moment. Maybe it’s time for a transfer?”

@donadoni10: “RT @matthewsavides: ‘Honestly, very few players at the moment. Maybe it’s time for a transfer?’ Pity that aint up to u”

Now, honestly, I don’t know if that was aimed at me or whether he means it isn’t up to him and that he wants out of Pirates… I did later try convince him to move to Chiefs, but got no response. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Oh, wait, before I get to that. He also had a rant at his team mates after their 1-0 loss to Black Aces – and he even admitted his ranty-ness. “This always happens after playin a big game,complacency!!!!! #Angrytweet”

He must be frustrated – and understandably so. Someone like him should be getting game time, especially when his team has shown inconsistency. But, then again, he hasn’t shown consistency for a while. Either way, though, taking those frustrations out on Twitter is not the best way to go about it. It comes across very self-centeredly and makes him look like, well, a prima donna.

And that won’t help at all.

One thought on “Prima Donadoni10? Teko Modise has a good ol’ Twitter rant

  1. Nothing about any of those responses sounds prima donna to me. If our local stars, no matter what industry they are in cannot express themselves and be real, we are not letting them be human. I think all the responses given by Teko were appropriate. Let’s stop writing biased articles and we’ll be able to have a better media platform.

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