“Transformer Explodes!” and other headlines you won’t see

Rare footage of an exploding Transformer

There is nothing more interesting than the news wrires that we access every day. Some of the stuff on that is…sjoe…I can’t even explain how awesome it is.

Today (in fact, just 12 minutes before I wrote this entry) this one popped up:


And here I was thinking that Transformers were nothing more than toys, revamped for movie houses! I never knew they were real. I never knew they could explode (I actually thought they were indestructable…). And now some dude got injured as he stood nearby. Wow, this is mind-blowing stuff.

Okay, well, here’s the real story. From Sapa:

A 40-year-old man was seriously injured at a Delmas golf course on Saturday when a transformer exploded near him, Mpumalanga paramedics said.
He suffered burns to his face, chest and arms, ER24 spokesman Vanessa Jackson said.
The man had been working on a transformer in an electrical box.
He was airlifted to Milpark hospital in Johannesburg.


This made me think of some other headlines that you’ll never see. These come from many, many newsroom discussions, and special thanks go to my colleagues Nathi Olifant and Masood Boomgaard – I wish I could claim these as my own, but I can’t. So, thanks, boys.

Zille daughter marries Malema

Alex Ferguson joins Golden Arrows

IFP wins back KZN

Rajbansi becomes KZN Premier

Sutcliffe: I made a mistake

Buthelezi steps down as IFP leader

Mugabe wants more white farmers in Zim

Shaik goes back to jail

Zuma refuses 11th wedding

AWB courts Malema as it opens Soweto branch

TATA wins Car of the Year prize

MPs take a pay cut

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