The Vuvuzela takes over Oxford

The peaceful city of Oxford - oh how it's world is about to change!

I’m led to believe that Oxford is a rather quiet little town. This surprises me. It’s home to the Oxford University. That’s why I’m surprised it’s rather quiet.

You see, as far as I’m aware, university towns are the height of drunken disorder. I’ve been to Grahamstown, home of the Rhodes University. I’ve been to Stellenbosch, to Cape Town and to the areas surrounding Wits in Joburg. Those, my friends, are university towns!

There is drinking, partying, laughing. Chaos reigns supreme. There’s none of the stoic, peaceful and quiet studying that I’m told marks the hallowed streets of Oxford. But this is all about to change. Oxford is about to get a lot – I repeat, a lot – louder.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was annouced today that the vuvuzela has been accepted into Oxford! No, there’s no student named “Vincent Vuvuzela” that got accepted and, no, they haven’t decided to allow the plastic horn at their various sports events.

What has happened is that the vuvuzela has been accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary. That’s right. First it was named word of the World Cup, and now this. It’s family should be so proud.

I think a movie should be made about it. This is how I think the movie trailer would go, complete with the voice of that Hollywood voice-over guy:

“John and Mary lived and loved in a peaceful town in Oxford. But their peace would soon be shattered. Their lives would be changed in an instant. This summer, turn up the volume. The vuvuzela is on the attack.”

It would be much better on etv, though, with out own voice-over man:

“They thought it was safe to go and study. (dun dun dun) But once day, Mary and John came under attack. (dun dun dun) Who can stop the noise? (dun dun dun) Attack of the Vuvuzela. Only on e. Action satisfaction.”


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