The werewolf is back!

Did you see the front page of the Independent on Saturday this morning?

No, not the story about Prez JZ being attacked by either a glass of ice or an ice cold beverage. No, not even the story about 10 babies being found in one coffin at a cemetery in Durban. I’m talking about the story of the killer dog that’s on the loose.

Werewolf or dog? You decide...

Yep, there’s a dog on the loose in Durban. Granted, the dog isn’t as awesome as the tiger that ran amok on the East Rand recently. But vicious, killer, bite-you-without-warning dogs are pretty decent.

It got me thinking, though, of a story I heard about dogs being on the loose. The story goes like this:

Several friends were watching a soccer game when all of a sudden a vicious beast started attacking. There were bodies – and body parts – scattered all over the place. Death, blood and chaos reigned in mammoth quantities.

The survivors (and there weren’t many of them) all told stories of a “big dog” that did the attacking. This dog continued to cause confusion and terror in Durban. And it has never been caught…

Attack of the Indian Werewolf. Watch it. It could save your life.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve cleared watched the spoof werewolf movie Attack of the Indian Werewolf. If you haven’t, you need to watch the movie. It’s proudly Durban and wickedly funny, even if you’re a witou.

But this whole dog thing made me think, maybe Attack wasn’t a made-up piece of film. Maybe it was more of a documentary… The circumstances sound about the same, don’t they? Vicious beast on the loose, hasn’t been captured, causing panic. One and the same, I’d say.

So there’s only one solution: watch Attack of the Indian Werewolf and solve the mystery!

Oh, and don’t get bitten.


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