To Baghdad and Beyond!

“Come, bru, let’s get a burger from Baghdad.”
My colleague and wingman Masood Boomgaard uttered these words one fateful Thursday afternoon, striking fear into this little heart of mine. Baghdad? I was a little concerned. Normally I’m game for just about anything – I’m white, and white people are always doing some crazy stuff (you know it’s true). I’m really open-minded. Within pretty weak boundaries, I’ll pretty much do anything, pretty much go anywhere, pretty much eat anything. But Baghdad? That seemed a little too far…
“No, bru, come downstairs and meet me in the parking lot. We’ll go there together. Best chow in Durban,” I was told. My being game for anything is directly proportional to my ability and love to eat just about anything. So when someone says “best chow” in anywhere, I’m there!
The Baghdad Cafe in Overport. Masood is walking in as I take this picture.

So I jump in the car and a few minutes later we’re on Brickfield Road and stopped outside this little cafe. The area’s not that great. The traffic is hectic. It looks as if the top level of the place has been bomed out. Well, not really, but it’s not far off.

The guy behind the counter knows Masood. “Hey. What you having today, bru?” (Bru was quite clearly the word of the day)

Masood looks at me. “Check these prices out. They’re so cheap. And the food is excellent. R18 for a chip burger. That’s what I would suggest.”

I went for the chip burger. It was really delicious. I like eating in Baghdad. You should try it sometime!


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