The day I lost my manliness

The sweat poured off my brow, dripping slowly to the floor below. My hands got sweaty as I gripped the putter tightly. This was pressure I’d never felt before.

My nephew, Daniel. He's a legend. Read on to find out why.

It was a 4-foot putt. No massive slopes. It was easy, as far as putts go. But it was the person standing to my left that made it so difficult. That person knew the importance of what I was doing. He was willing me on to a miss.

That person was my nephew. 11-years-old. Talkative. Energetic. The type of person that you know will give you endless stick if he beats you at anything. And this was where the pressure came in. If I missed the putt, he would win our Adventure Golf challenge. It was something I couldn’t let happen.

Daniel stood there, and spoke clearly: “No pressure, Uncle Matt, no pressure.” Yeah, right…

This was slightly shorter than the putt I missed. I think. I don't know. The pressure was too much to judge distance.

I pulled the club back and struck the ball cleanly. It was rolling dead straight. It looked good… As it neared its final resting place, the ball strangely veered left. I dropped my putter. Daniel started laughing. Then he sang: “I am the champion, my friend” repeatedly. Even his sister laughed at me. She’s seven…

But how could I be mad? The kid sang Queen as he gloated. Man, that kid so rocks.


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