The Curse of the Fly: How Durban was embarrassed by “The Fly”

Durban is cursed, I’m convinced of it.

Phillip, the curse of Durban

Just hours before hosting the perfect World Cup, Phillip – the Ghost of Football – decided that it was great timing to induce the biggest logistical stuff-up at our King Shaka International Airport. Flights were turned back and people missed the Spain v Germany semi-final at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. People were pissed off.

As I said: Durban is cursed, I’m convinced of it. Phillip’s evil twin – Phillip the Fly – was here. I could feel it.

But we’re not cursed in the traditional sense. No, we’re cursed by anything involving the word “fly”. It’s true. Just think about it…

What are the biggest mess-ups in Durban’s recent history (and by “recent”, I mean the past two months)? First it was the elephant sculpture debarcle, and then the King Shaka statue at the airport that bears his name. Now the latest one, with the turning away of planes.

Ask yourself: what do these have in common? Simple: they all involve the word “fly”. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Obviously, you get the fly connection with the two King Shaka-related issues. Both happened at an airport, where planes fly into. Yeah, there’s the fly link. Where, you are likely asking, is the fly link with the elephant statue saga? Elementary. They are positioned along the Warwick Junction FLYovers. Clever, né?

Phillip the Fly

Durban is cursed, by the fly. Anything that involves that word is bound to crumble. It’s a fact. Phillip the Fly has cursed us.

One thought on “The Curse of the Fly: How Durban was embarrassed by “The Fly”

  1. Let’s hope that those responsible for leaving the lid off the ointment get their just deserves. These flys have definitely tarnished our beautiful cities reputation.

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